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About Apostle Debbie

Apostle Debbie Viggs, a woman after God's own heart, is called to teach, empower and equip women to reach their God-given destiny. She is also an intercessor, teacher of the Word, conference speaker, and a certified Christian Life Purpose Coach, who has committed her life to the work of God by offering personal prayer support and life-transforming guidance to other believers worldwide. Her love for Jesus has birthed a deep burden for souls, resulting in the salvation of many and affecting everyone she meets. God has also placed upon her life an unusual healing anointing which results in many testimonies of miraculous healing. In addition, she flows in a powerful prophetic anointing and releases the fire of the Holy Spirit, bringing fresh passion and a hunger for Jesus Christ. The main thrust and emphasis of her ministry are to declare without compromise the authority and authenticity of God?s Word and the personality of the Holy Spirit. 

Born in Lusaka, Zambia, she received her salvation at the age of 9 in her late grandfather's church, which he founded and pastored in Zambia. She began singing in the choir and continued to do so until the age of 10 when the family relocated to Malawi, her grandfather's and stepfather's birthplace. The experience in her grandfather's church birthed a deep desire within her to teach and lead others into an intimate relationship with God. Whilst in Malawi, she continued attending church, however, she went astray after joining wrong company during her high school years. Her life took a turn for the worst when her beloved grandfather went home to be with the Lord. She began to jump out of her bedroom window at her parents home to attend parties and night clubs on the week-ends. Fortunately, her school work was never affected and she passed her final exams with flying colors. In 1990, her family relocated to the USA, where she attended university as she was pursuing her undergraduate studies and this is where she has continued to reside. 

In July of 1997, during a Sunday worship service at Ebeneezer AME in Fort Washington, Maryland the Lord spoke to Apostle Debbie in an audible voice and said that she was called to the office of Pastor. At that time she was still in a back-slidden state. It wasn't until October of 1999 after she moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland that she re-dedicated her life back to the Lord after she joined Victory Christian Church International (VCCI). A few weeks later she made a decision to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. From January 2000 - December 2002, she received 2 years of Ministry Training and Development at Victory Christian Church International, under the leadership of Pastors Dwayne and Kitt Brewington. After completion of the training, she graduated class valedictorian and received a diploma. 

During the time of her ministry training, the Lord began to use her to pray for the terminally ill. As she would lay hands on the sick, the Lord would heal everyone that she would pray for. Miracles began to take place as those with cancer, HIV/AIDS virus, brain tumors, etc. were completely healed from their diseases. At one time she  prayed for a family member in Malawi who had suffered a stroke and was in a coma for week. The Lord spoke to her to travel to Malawi and pray for the patient and that He was going to confirm His word. Immediately upon arriving in Malawi, she went to the hospital, anointed the patient with anointing oil, laid hands on her and prayed. She left the hospital, went home to refresh and came back about 2 hours later, and the patient was out of the coma and breathing on their own. 

Another time whilst visiting a friend in the UK, she was asked to pray over a handkerchief for a woman whose father had been bed ridden for 15 years. When the woman went back home, she laid the handkerchief on her father and he received instant healing and was in church a few weeks later to give his testimony. In the USA she has prayed for many with cancer and God has healed them. One such time was when she prayed for a friend who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors lost all hope in saving this friend, that is when the Lord instructed Apostle Debbie to go over to the hospital, lay hands on the friend, pray in the spirit and He was going to confirm His word. Apostle Debbie did as was instructed, and a few days later, this friend was released from the hospital cancer free. The friend is still living to this day and has no trace of cancer in their body. Many miracles continue to follow her ministry and Apostle Debbie is careful to give all the glory, honor, and praise to the Lord. 

On 26 December 2006, the Lord directed Apostle Debbie to go on a fast which concluded on March 7, 2007. During the time of prayer and fasting, the Lord directed her to launch the internet prayer and healing ministry. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, the ministry was launched online on February 2, 2007. Since inception, she has prayed for the sick worldwide via email, phone, in-person and testimonies abound of supernatural healing taking place. Many have received salvation through her internet and radio ministries as well. In July 2007, the Lord released Apostle Debbie into full-time ministry and she resigned from her employment at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where she had worked for almost 10 years. She was ordained as Pastor/Evangelist in October 2007 following the leading of the Holy Spirit and after 40 days of prayer and fasting. Pastor Lemmy Sikena of Christian Harvest Centre, Mongu, Zambia performed the ordination ceremony in Gaithersburg, Maryland. 

On November 11, 2008, Apostle Debbie was ordained into the prophetic ministry by the late Prophetess Annie Wolo Johnson of Faith Healing Ministries International and Prophetess Elfrida Mhusambazi of Barak Ministries International. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, On January 6, 2009 Apostle Debbie opened The Fountain of Living Waters Prayer and Healing Center in Middletown, Maryland, a place where many from all walks of life come to receive prayer, healing and deliverance. And on August 7, 2009 The Fountain of Living Waters Church International was opened under the leadership of Apostle Debbie and her husband, Pastor Vinny Viggs. 

On February 28, 2010 Apostle Debbie was ordained into the office of Apostle in Dallas, Texas. On June 12, 2010, The Fountain of Living Waters Divine School of Miracles and Healing was launched under the direction of the Holy Spirit. This school continues to expand and there have been many testimonies of healing and deliverance. 

In 2011, Apostle Debbie became a certified Christian Life Purpose Coach as well as a Health and Wellness Coach. 

In January 2012, Apostle Debbie was led by the Spirit of God to relocate from Maryland to Texas. Through much prayer and fasting, the relocation of the ministry took towards the end of June 2012. Currently, the ministry operates out of McKinney, TX. God has been faithful and continues to expand DBMI through the internet, prayerline, daily word and other outreaches. Apostle Debbie flows in the gifts of healing, working of miracles, and prophecy. 

Apostle Debbie is also an entrepreneur and is married. She, her husband and their children reside in the United States of America.